VoC  is a Voyage Century Online guild. We role-play as the Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie, which is translated as the United East-India Company.  VoC what was arguably the world's first modern company. They were loyal to the Dutch Republic which granted the VoC a charter for a trade monopoly from the East Indies to the Netherlands.  Our guild believes that the VoC is the perfect historical group for a Voyage Century Online guild to model themselves after.

Guild History:
  VoC has been around for about three years now. Before Voyage Century Online many of the original members played World of Pirates (WoP). Since then of course we've met cool new people and they've joined the fun, but VoC is built upon a solid foundation of active members. We won't lose interest or quit the game. You can be confident that VoC will be around, at least until the next great game comes along.

More about the history of the real VoC can be found HERE