At the moment, our guild is mainly focused on helping each other skill and make money. In the future, we hope to get more involved into PvP, building the guild level up, and capturing a city. The real point of the guild is cooperation, because for us playing with friends is what makes VCO so much fun.

How to Join:
Review the 12 articles drawn up by the guild leader.  If you agree to the articles you should first register in the forum with your "game name". The next step is to post a new thread with your "game name" as the subject in the join section of the forum. Then tell us a little about yourself, your skills, how long you've been playing, and any questions you might have.  After posting in the forum you need to visit the guild manager in VCO and actually apply to join! It might take a few days for a guild leader to accept your request, please be patient. Check back in your forum thread in such cases.

The 12 Articles can be found HERE